Extensive List of Dissertation Topics for Strong Research

Selecting a suitable dissertation topic is one of the most crucial aspects of the whole process. However, most students find themselves wanting because coming by a relevant topic to explore without a proper thesis writing help can be difficult. You cannot just also choose any subject because writing a dissertation is serious academic work. It shows your research ability and requires a lot of effort.

When selecting a topic, you should consider its relevance to your field of study. Also, it should be a topic that has not been wholly exhausted. 

How to choose a dissertation topic

If you are lucky, your professor can give you a topic or suggestions to consider. But, since this is a rare phenomenon, you may have to develop your topic. In doing this, you must choose something that interests, or read some dissertation samples in your subject area. You can also come by a dissertation topic by

  • Read works by other researchers in your field of studies
  • Check through some of the issues discussed during a conference in your subject area.
  • Go through some current publications in your field with a focus on topics that needed extra attention
  • Do an online research on the most pressing issues around your field of studies.

Below are some topic ideas to explore:

Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Effect of income tax on small businesses
  • Tax legalization in the freelance market
  • Contemporary Methods of Financial Accounting
  • How accounting education of cooperating leaders can lead to business success
  • Comparative research on In-house vs. External Audit

Dissertation Topics in Management

  • Business management against discrimination risks
  • Model of management in the tourism industry
  • Effect of reward systems on employee performance

Public Administration Research Topics

  • Influence of corruption practices and their preventive methods in public administration
  • Impact of immigration policies on the economy and population
  • The Influence of Mega Corporations on Public Administration

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Practical marketing tools in the small business sector
  • The use of social media in marketing
  • The differences between traditional and digital marketing

Economics Dissertation Topics

Political Economy Topics

  • Tax evasion by international corporations effects on the national economy 
  • The political-economic effects of Brexit for the UK
  • The adverse effects of corruption in governmental structures for a country’s economy

Medicine Research Topics

Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • Injuries treatment in diabetic patients 
  • How to prevent Nurse’s fatigue 
  • Treating patients with acute pains
  • Pros and cons of modern private nursing system
  • Occupational Therapy Research Topics
  • Using animal helpers in occupational therapy
  • Current techniques to fight obesity in teenagers 
  • Using cats for treatment in patients with depression

Dissertation Topics in Healthcare Management

  • Private healthcare system and media presence 
  • Significant effects of medical tourism
  • Budgeting a Public Healthcare System
  • Managing Departments of Contagious Diseases

Mental Health Research Topics

  • Using light therapy in treating depression
  • The relationship between a patient’s immune system and mental health
  • How mental health issues can  influence a patient’s use of technology

Humanities Research Topics

Art Dissertation Topics

  • Influence of modern technology on modern arts
  • The connection between photography and hyperrealistic art

Linguistics Dissertation Topics 

  • Integration of slang into the literary canon
  • Influence of bilingual education on a child’s cognitive function
  • Modern language learning strategies