Detailed Dissertation Writing Guide: Making a Plan For Your Project

Students go through many personal and professional, challenging experiences throughout their academic careers. Writing a thesis is a challenging experience, but it is rewarding. In case you wish to gain proficiency in writing the paper, you need to have a plan for your project. Here are key steps to help you know what is required of you:


This is the first step in completing any task. This step is important because the quality of the research determines how current, relevant and factual your assignment is. Because of this, you need to give yourself adequate time to read a broad range of books and articles from various sources. To gain a lot from this step, it is good to confer with a librarian continually so you can gain access to the current research on the topic you want to cover. In most cases, the research you conduct may alter the primary claims you are attempting to explain and defend in your work.


Once you are through with the research work, another step is to write your work. Usually, you will have to create several drafts before you can get your final copy. During the research and writing phases, you need to communicate with your advisor to get instructions, insights, and corrections. There isn’t a correct way for writing your paper. Each student brings their unique perspective, frame of reference and vocabulary even if they are all sharing a topic. However, the advisor will help you write more effectively – helping you to convey the information in a clear and concise manner. The advisor also helps you to keep your unique style.


To complete your assignment, you have to defend it. Often, defending the thesis is more exciting compared to the first two steps. But, shy students don’t find this step fascinating. Each student has to ensure that they succeed in defending their paper. Once you are done writing the final draft, you will present your findings to the faculty panel. The panel will analyze your task for quality of research, criteria strength or proof of the findings. You don’t have to share your entire work, but you have to summarize all the important elements. If you succeed in defending your thesis, you will be awarded your degree.