12 advertising dissertation topics to explore

Over the years, a lot of changes have taken place in the world of business and especially with regard to how businesspersons get to reach out to clients about products they deal in or services they provide. To do this effectively, you must have a strong background on such aspects as advertising and particularly modes of doing it. Well, college courses are numerous and with advertising being one of them, students taking must really have a strong background on it if success in the world of business or in whichever career is related to it remains a central focus. This brings me to the gist of this post, which is, are you able to craft a powerful advertising dissertation in your project and be able to get the best grades out of it?
Project writing is a coursework which every student, regardless of which course one takes, must partake on. In fact, if you do not do well on it, you can as well forget about graduating. It is a fundamental requirement in virtually all colleges around the world that students partake on final paper writing as research, thesis or dissertation. The type of paper you do largely depends on which level of academia you are in. But first things first; it is always important to come up with a topic worth writing on. Topics for term papers are very important aspects of the whole writing process and experience. In fact, a topic, if well researched and is original, will give you an edge in performance. This means that you must always take some time researching on advertising dissertation topics before anything else. Practically, this is the first stage in academic writing. Well, I help you get started with this by listing what I believe are some of the best advertising topics you can ever come across. See below for details;

  • To begin with, a study on the impacts of cosmetics marketing on consumer choices and preferences is a great topic to start with
  • A look into the impact of Facebook as a platform for advertising by organizations and how it affects behaviour of consumers
  • How does media influence portrayal of body language in marketing
  • A look into Emotional Response Marketing and how it differs from other types of advertising
  • How do advertisers inspire buyer decisions using patriotism messages?
  • Do everyday advertising have emotional impacts on potential buyers?
  • A look into the ingredients of political advertisements and how they influence decisions
  • A study on the impact on adverts on human mind and mental well-being
  • A study on video marketing on the web and how it is impacting purchase decisions