A collection of strong theological dissertation topics

Depending on which course you take in college, there are a range of topics you can be assigned to partake on. However, there are other times when you will be asked to come up with ideal topics for your theology on your own or better still, look for places where scholarly topics are listed. The big question in this regard therefore is; how do you ensure the topic you finally settle on is arguably the best? Well, any student can come up with a topic for academic writing but one question that will always linger has to do with whether the topic has scholarly merits or it is just another gamble with academic writing. Just like any other course, doing a theology dissertation is equally demanding, thanks to its comprehensive nature. You must not take chances right from the time you are creating a topic or looking for one.
Theological dissertation topics should have a strong link with your understanding of religious matters because technically, this is what this study is all about. With the advent of the internet, it is even easier to come up with the best topics anyone can ever imagine of. In order to get you started with this, here are some helpful hints to look into. In this post, I put together a collection of strong theology topics that will multiply your chances of doing well in this kind of task so take a look below for insights;

  • A historical look into the Christian Bible from a theological perspective
  • A look into church identity: A search for Christian relevance and ministry of the gospel
  • A look into angelic imagery in the Christian Bible and how it impacts on behavioural attributes and faith
  • A study on the effectiveness of the church as a sign of mediation in social and political conflicts
  • A comparative study on the global CEO and the archbishop of Canterbury
  • A study on how the church of England spearheaded legislative reforms in the British parliament
  • A comparative analysis of radical belief between Muslim and Christian faiths